The 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007
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  Now, I would like to introduce exhibits that have embodied "SEE GLOBAL". First, I bring your attention to "New ELF" and "New FORWARD" which were redesigned for the first time in 13 years. In this changeover, we designed and developed both light-duty and medium-duty trucks in one module with a global standpoint based on SEE GLOBAL. These two models feature leading edge technologies unique to Isuzu in all areas of "safety", "economy" and "environment" and meet not only Japanese New Long Term emission regulation but other emission regulations across the globe as well as 2015 fuel economy standard in Japan. These are the trucks we proudly present to the world.
  Currently some 210,000 units of Isuzu commercial vehicles are sold annually in 140 countries outside Japan of which in 25 nations Isuzu commercial vehicles are outstanding market leaders. Isuzu announced new Mid-term Business Plan in August that set forth the annual overseas CV sales growth to 350,000 units by 2011. With new ELF and FORWARD, Isuzu will offer new value to "transport" across the globe and wants to become a "Global Life Partner" to contribute to peoples' wellbeing with quality products.
  Displayed at Tokyo Motor Show are from FORWARD Series 11 ton-class "FORWARD F CARGO" the best choice for new medium-duty license in Japan and from ELF Series "ELF DIESEL HYBRID" fitted with a 4JJ1 diesel engine as well as environmentally-friendly "ELF CNG-MPI" powered by alternative energy, natural gas.

  With regard to safety technology, Isuzu exhibits GIGA TRACTOR fitted with an advanced vision support system, "VAT - View Assist Technology" which supports driver's vision to sharply boost the safety of heavy-duty trucks whose accident could otherwise have very serious consequence. Further, a pre-crash brake (reference exhibition), newly installed to GIGA, enhances "preventive safety" of the truck. ASV program promoted by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport estimates that occupants' deaths in a vehicle rear-ended by a heavy-duty truck can be reduced by 90% if the impact speed of the truck is reduced by 20km/h.
  Along with "IESC- Isuzu Electronic Stability Control", GIGA TRACTOR boasts of the highest safety level for a heavy-duty truck in the world.

  Isuzu exhibit also showcases as a reference "D-MAX", a pickup truck that underpins logistics, produced in Thailand and introduced to some 80 countries around the world. Offering higher level of utility in moving people and carrying things, the pickup truck is a "Global Life Partner".

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