The 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007
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October 25, 2007

The 40th Tokyo Motor Show Press Briefing
By Susumu Hosoi
President and Representative Director
Isuzu Motors Limited

  At the onset of Tokyo Motor show, I would like to talk about Isuzu Motors Limited whose corporate vision is "Trucks for life "as well as contents of exhibits at our booth.
  Isuzu displays are built around the theme of "Global Life Partner".
"Commercial Vehicles" to move things and "diesel engines" to power are essential to support rich lives around the world. The theme "Global Life Partner" represents our aspiration that our dedication to better products and partnership with customers would earn Isuzu customers' trust and make it the brand of choice for everyone worldwide.
  We would like to communicate to the world from Tokyo Motor Show our corporate vision "Trucks for life ISUZU" through world-class products in display here.

  Before touching on exhibits, I would like to describe our activity and product development efforts towards being a "Global Life Partner".
  Isuzu products now benefit people in well over 100 countries around the world. We have learned one overriding lesson in our business: regardless of country or region, customers expect the same performance from commercial vehicles and diesel engines. Meanwhile, a truck fitted with the latest environmental performance is not effective for global environmental protection until it is introduced worldwide following its launch in Japan. For global product deployment, we, Isuzu, shifted the focus of engineering philosophy from Japan-based to a global standpoint and embarked on "Global Design".
For product development, we defined "to earn "trust" from everyone" as base philosophy, and three pillars of;

      • Safety technology
      • Economic Technology
      • Environmental Technology

or "SEE Technology" that takes each capital of three technologies as base concept. Specifically, Isuzu takes a global standpoint and embodies the concept. This perspective is called "SEE GLOBAL" based on which we are developing our products.
  Of three pillars, "environment" calls for more than a business posture now and needs to be addressed as an important business challenge. Meanwhile, diesel engines, in which Isuzu's strength lies, attract a huge attention because it helps avert "global warming" and advance "resources conservation". Isuzu Motors has improved fuel efficiency performance by some 40% in the last ten years through continued improvement of the engine itself and the vehicle. Going forward, we intend to contribute to utilization of resources and curtailing global warming as well as to sustainable growth of the world economy and to people's wellbeing by continually offering highly fuel efficient commercial vehicles.

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