Isuzu is a representative commercial vehicle producer of Japan and is known for its reliability and track record of success.

In addition to developing industrial diesel engines that include Isuzu's own state-of-the-art technology
and have powerful moving capabilities,
Isuzu is continuously charging ahead in pursuit of reliability, durability, and eco-friendliness.
Isuzu offers a wide-ranging line-up of low- and high-displacement engines.
Isuzu will bring reliability to the world as the global standard for future generations.

Engine Lineup

Emission regulations differ depending on country

We provide engines that match the regulatory status of each country. Please select one.

About Isuzu

Engine Lineup

We aim to be a trusted partner supporting working professionals

Industrial diesel engines play an essential role in helping enrich the lives of people around the world as power sources for construction machinery, generators,
and other applications.
Since our foundation in 1916, we have consistently focused on "creation without compromise" in the process of building Isuzu into the company it is today.
To ensure the most advanced safety, economic, and environmental performance, as well as superb service, we are moving forward in product development,
quality, manufacturing systems and customer support which will become
the new global standards of excellence.
Moreover, we aim to develop together with our customers, winning their trust as
an excellent business partner.

Engine Lineup

A proud heritage of achievements as one of Japan's oldest automobile manufacturers

Isuzu Motors was founded in 1916, making it one of Japan's oldest automobile manufacturers.
Isuzu was the first to start working on industrial diesel engines, starting sales in 1952. Since then, our company has supplied industrial engines for various types of applications, including construction machinery, generators, and even snow vehicles to be used for expeditions in the harsh and precarious conditions of the South Pole, maintaining a strong reputation among industrial machinery manufacturers both in Japan and overseas.
Today, Isuzu produces an extensive line-up of industrial-purpose diesel engines with models ranging from a 4-cylinder 2.2-liter engine
to a 6-cylinder 15.7-liter engine.
Through this wide variation, Isuzu contributes power sources to support the lives of local communities throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of industrial diesel engines.


Engine Lineup

Supporting the lives of people in countries and regions around the world

Isuzu has development, production, and sales bases not only in Japan, but in various countries around the globe.
Today, Isuzu products are sold in well over 100 countries and regions. We will actively work to globalize our business even further in order to support abundant, comfortable lifestyles for people all over the world.

Research & Development

Committed to developing global standards based on the "pursuit of reliability"

Isuzu supplies diesel engines to many companies for use in applications including commercial vehicles, construction machinery, and as electrical generators.
The performance and quality required of diesel engines are the same all over the world. We therefore develop products that incorporate the world's most advanced technology, to ensure they meet the various regulations in all of the world's markets.
Our engines are developed using state-of-the-art technology to offer superior environmental performance and meet strict exhaust emission regulations of countries all over the world.
We are also moving forward with research into "super-clean diesel engines," the next generation of engines that will deliver the ultimate performance in terms of exhaust emissions and fuel economy.
Guided by a development philosophy of "gaining the trust of people everywhere," we continuously strive to achieve the ultimate in performance.
By putting this philosophy into practice, Isuzu will play an essential role in protecting the global environment and continue to contribute to comfortable lives for people all over the world.

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Engine Lineup

Isuzu regional offices and distributors of industrial engines

North America&South America
  • Isuzu Motors America, LLC.
  • PowerTrain Division
    46401 Commerce Center Drive Plymouth, MI 48170, U.S.A.
  • TEL:+1-734-582-9470 FAX:+1-734-455-7581
  • Isuzu Australia Ltd.
  • 858 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207, Australia
  • TEL:+61-3-9644-6666 FAX:+61-3-9644-6622