Always Next to You

Night and day, trucks and buses are working behind the scenes to transport the people and things that are important to us.
Here at Isuzu, it has always been our mission to support people’s lives through transport and we have done our best to contribute to modern lifestyles, the environment, and society by approaching vehicle manufacturing with an uncompromising eye for quality.

Whether in the canyons between urban skyscrapers, on long stretches of seaside highway, at lonely midnight service areas, or bustling early morning truck terminals, Isuzu trucks and buses have been there throughout the years, evolving alongside communities around the world.

From years past, present, and on into the future, Isuzu is a commercial vehicle maker that has and will always be dedicated to supporting the various transport needs vital to building a better tomorrow. We at Isuzu plan to continue earning customers’ trust by acting as a reliable partner aimed at promoting harmony between the environment and society.