About Isuzu


We aim to be a trusted partner supporting working professionals

Industrial diesel engines play an essential role in helping enrich the lives of people around the world as power sources for construction machinery, generators, and other applications.
Since our foundation in 1916, we have consistently focused on "creation without compromise" in the process of building Isuzu into the company it is today.
To ensure the most advanced safety, economic, and environmental performance, as well as superb service, we are moving forward in product development, quality, manufacturing systems and customer support which will become the new global standards of excellence.
Moreover, we aim to develop together with our customers, winning their trust as an excellent business partner.


A proud heritage of achievements as one of Japan's oldest automobile manufacturers

Isuzu Motors was founded in 1916, making it one of Japan's oldest automobile manufacturers.
Isuzu was the first to start working on industrial diesel engines, starting sales in 1952. Since then, our company has supplied industrial engines for various types of applications, including construction machinery, generators, and even snow vehicles to be used for expeditions in the harsh and precarious conditions of the South Pole, maintaining a strong reputation among industrial machinery manufacturers both in Japan and overseas.
Today, Isuzu produces an extensive line-up of industrial-purpose diesel engines with models ranging from a 4-cylinder 2.2-liter engine to a 6-cylinder 15.7-liter engine.
Through this wide variation, Isuzu contributes power sources to support the lives of local communities throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of industrial diesel engines.

Rudolf Diesel develops the world's first compression-ignition engine
Japan's first diesel engine is developed by the Japanese Navy in Yokosuka
Mercedes Benz releases its first diesel-powered truck
Bosch begins mass production of fuel injection pumps and nozzles
Mercedes Benz begins sales of diesel-powered passenger cars
Isuzu's first diesel engine - the DA4/DA6 model - is completed
Isuzu develops a water-cooled diesel engine - the DD6 model
The DA40/60 model is designed to conform to Japanese military standards for automotive engines
Japan's first V8 diesel engine, the DA80 model is completed
Isuzu's Roots-type supercharged DA45S model wins a JSAE(Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan) award
Development of the DA640 model is completed
A DA220 model is adopted on a snow vehicle to be used on an expedition to the South Pole
A DA120T model equipped with Isuzu's XM model automotive turbocharger wins a JSME(Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers) award
Development of the DL201 model - a pioneer for passenger vehicle diesel engines - is completed
Japan's first 4-cycle, direct injection engine - the D920 model - is developed and used in the TD model truck, a revolutionary development for fuel-efficient combustion systems in Japan's engine market in which prechamber injection engines were mainstream at the time
The extreme performance 4-valve E120 model for use in 10 ton payload trucks is developed
The revolutionary square combustion chamber 6BB1 model is developed, winning a JSAE award
The lightweight and high output V-type P-series model is developed
Isuzu employs Japan's first electronic governor in the 6BD1 model for use in fire trucks
Isuzu employs the world's first zero-preheat ceramic glow plug, winning a JSAE award
The world's first direct-injection diesel engine for use in light-duty trucks - the 4BC2 model - is developed
An electronically-controlled injection pump is employed in the 4FB1 model for use in Gemini passenger cars
Isuzu's first diesel engine for industrial use - the K-series - is completed, paving the way for development of the current 4L model series
The world's first electronically-controlled governor is developed and employed in the 6RA1TC model for use in heavy-duty trucks
Development of variable/optimal control technologies are completed and employed on the 6SD1TC model, winning both JSAE and JSME awards
4H/6H series models equipped with OHC are developed for exclusive use in light- and medium-duty trucks
3-cylinder L-series model for industrial use is developed
Development of the extreme supercharged 6WA1TC model is completed
The 6HA1, 4HF1rev(modified) and 8PF1 models are developed for use in low-emission CNG vehicles
A common-rail equipped 6HK1TC model is equipped on vehicles for the U.S. market
Isuzu's largest displacement engine ever - the V10 20.4L 10TD1 model - is developed
An EGR cooler with reed valve is developed for use in the engines of heavy-duty trucks
The 4HL1 model is developed in anticipation of Japan's new gas emissions regulations
The world's first Euro4 compliant engine - the 4EE2TC model - is developed
The 4HL1 model developed exclusively for use on low-emission hybrid diesel ELF trucks is completed
Development of the lightweight, supercharged and fuel efficient 6UZ1 model is completed
A 4HK1 model without an SCR that meets the world's most stringent exhaust emissions regulations(including Japan's Post New Long Term regulations, as well as US 10 regulations) is developed by employing a 2-stage turbo, winning a JSAE award
A 4JJ1 model equipped D-MAX wins an award for best fuel consumption among pick-up trucks at the Bangkok Motor Show