Technology for Cleaner Diesel

PM Reduction Technologies

High-Pressure Fuel Injection
In order to reduce particulate matter, it is necessary to make complete combustion by spraying fuel evenly in the combustion chamber. To realize this, the fuel and air must be mixed well. High-pressure injection is a technology that improves the air-fuel mixture by spraying the fuel into the combustion chamber under great force to produce a high degree of atomization. A fine enough mist of fuel to ensure adequate mixing can be produced by a sufficiently high-pressure jet in the same way that finer water drops can be created by increasing the power of a water spray. This mist mixes more thoroughly with the surrounding air, resulting in faster, more efficient and more complete combustion.

The High-Pressure Fuel Injection System's Combustion Process
The high-pressure fuel injection system such as common-rail controls the fuel injection pressure, period and timing optimally. Accordingly, it can produce ideal combustion conditions that promote fuel and air mixing, resulting in uniform combustion in the cylinder following ignition and rapid completion of the combustion cycle.
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Common Rail High-Pressure Fuel Injection System
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