The Wide Range Applications

Versatile Diesel Engines
Diesel engines are extremely versatile in terms of their applications. One of the reasons for this flexibility is its power output capacity from a few to tens of thousands of horsepower. Diesel engines are employed as power sources for everything from passenger cars, trucks, ships and construction equipment to lawnmowers, motorboats and electric power generators for factories or buildings. No other internal combustion engine boasts such a wide range of potential applications, which allows diesel engines to play a very important role in our daily energy needs.

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Diesel Engines Don't Waste Fuel
Crude oil distillation process
Global environmental issues are closely linked to resource-related problems. Modern society is dependent on fossil fuels, which are finite and must be used efficiently. From this perspective, diesel engines, which can effectively harness power from small quantities of fuel, are friendly to the global environment. Moreover, although automobile-use diesel engines mainly run on diesel oil while ship-use diesels run on heavy oil, these engines can also be run on other oils such as vegetable oils, synthetic oils, etc. From the standpoint of effectively utilizing global resources, this versatility is one of the most excellent features of diesel engines.