Solid & Sculpted

Cab design
Boxy cab: upright front pillars and side body, a design of functional beauty that is both aerodynamic and makes efficient use of space.

The design philosophy embodied by all ISUZU trucks: a "slightly enlarged hexahedron." The concept is "Solid, Clean and Emotional," or functional beauty that tolerates no unnecessary lines, facets or frame elements.

Professional styling for a professional tool
The styling is simple and powerful for timeless appeal. Aggressively delineated front-end components and a six-hole continental grille- the identifying mark of ISUZU vehicles-make a distinctive statement.

Cubicle form (high cab / wide cab)
The windshield and side windows are designed for maximum verticality, creating a boxy cab that optimizes both aerodynamic performance and interior space in comparison with previous models.

In pursuit of aerodynamic perfection
The aerodynamic front corners and roof cut air resistance especially when rear cargo bodies are mounted, contributing to better fuel economy.

Improved cooling performance
Computer analysis and actual testing of vehicles ensure that the cooling system is more than a match for the high performance of engines and emission treatment systems.

Excellent ingress/egress
The upright front pillars allow doors to open to a wide angle and provide a larger door opening for effortless cab access. Also contributing to ingress/egress are the longer steps and expanded floor areas.

Vertical outside handles
Vertical handles make it easier to access tall vehicles. In addition, grips are designed to accommodate thick gloves.

Specifications shown here are for general export market.