Safe and Secure, Always

Advanced digital analysis makes the cab more rigid and reduces weight:
truck safety is evolving in a new direction.


Reinforced door waist
Minimizes distortion in the shape of the cab in the event of accident.

Reinforcement inside the front pillar
Not only the front pillar, but also the area from the bottom of the windshield down to the floor has been reinforced to reduce cab deformation during frontal collision.

ELR 3-point system seatbelts (center seat: 2-points)
Effectively restrain and protect driver and passengers during a collision.


Front Rear Front and rear drum brakes
Extra-large brakes improve braking performance.

Multi-reflector halogen headlamps
Clear resin lenses and step reflectors provide outstanding illumination over a broad area to improve nighttime visibility and safety.

Door-side cornering lamps (option)
Improved side visibility alerts others sharing the road to the presence of the vehicle and helps prevent accidents.

Full-air braking system
GVM 9.5-ton model employs a full-air braking system which includes a wheel-park type parking braking system as standard equipment. The model also features an air dryer to maintain brake performance.

Wide field of vision
Drivers enjoy a clear view of the area surrounding the vehicle, making safety checks easy and reducing driving fatigue.

Compound curvature outside mirrors
Mirror surfaces feature a compound curvature, enhancing indirect views.
* Image shows optional under view mirror.

Fog lamps (option)
Increase the level of safety during nighttime operation.

Exhaust brake
Assures safe stopping every time, even when fully loaded.
* Optional for some models

Jet wipers
Enhanced wiper performance for a clear windshield.

Exhaust brake-linked lamps
Engaging the exhaust brake activates the brake lamps, warning following vehicles.