Powerful & tough

Next-generation engines build on the proven performance of ISUZU powerplants.
Power and durability are taken to a higher level.

Advanced ISUZU diesel engine series
The next-generation 4HK1-TCN powerplant is the latest in ISUZU's lineup of clean and fuel-efficient diesel engines. This advanced engine offers outstanding power as well as great fuel economy, making it ideal for businesses seeking cost-effective operation. Also in the lineup are the high-output 4JJ1-TC, which features outstanding torque for its displacement, and 4HG1 and 4JB1-TC engines with their proven reliability.

N-Series Engine Lineup
Direct-injection OHC intercooled turbo
Displacement 5,193cc
Max. Output 110kW (150PS) / 2,600rpm (net)
Max. Torque 404N.m (41.0kg-m) / 1,500-2,600rpm (net)
Direct-injection OHC
Displacement 4,570cc
Max. Output 89kW (121PS) / 3,200rpm (ISO-gross)
Max. Torque 304N.m (31.0kg-m) / 1,600rpm (ISO-gross)

Direct-injection DOHC intercooled turbo
Displacement 2,999cc
Max. Output 96kW (130PS) / 2,800rpm (net)
Max. Torque 330N.m (34.0kg-m) / 1,600-2,600rpm (net)
Direct-injection OHV
Displacement 2,771cc
Max. Output 59kW (80PS) / 3,600rpm (net)
Max. Torque 175N.m (17.8kg-m) / 2,000rpm (net)

Direct-injection OHV intercooled turbo
Displacement 2,771cc
Max. Output 67kW (91PS) / 3,400rpm (net)
Max. Torque 196N.m (20.0kg-m) / 2,000rpm (net)

Common-rail fuel injection system
Electronic control precisely injects fuel at extremely high pressure in 1/1000 second units and determines optimal injection amounts, reducing NOx and particulate matter (PM).
(4JJ1-TC, 4HK1-TCN)

16-valve DOHC
Valve operation is accurately timed even at high rpm, increasing air intake and discharge from cylinders, thereby raising intake and exhaust efficiency.
These optimal combustion conditions reduce PM and black smoke while raising fuel economy.

Manual transmission
Powerful yet economical and easy to handle. Reliability and durability you can count on.
Trucks equipped with the 4HK1-TCN powerplant come with a six-speed transmission except NPS models.

Specifications shown here are for general export market.