Reliable Four Wheel Drive

No matter the road conditions, our 4WD has high driving performance.
The excellent mechanism is also reliable and highly durable.

Part Time 4WD (front axle connect/disconnect system)
Equipped with a transfer control switch which offers one-touch switching between 2WD and 4WD*.
In addition, 4L (4WD low-speed range) and 4H (4WD high-speed range) can also be selected.
*It is necessary to confirm that the knobs on the freewheel hubs are set to the "LOCK" position.

Manual freewheel hub
Free: 2WD Lock: 4WD

Transfer control switch & indicator
Switching between 2WD and 4WD is as easy as flipping the switch.
Also, as an indicator on the meter lights up when driving in 4WD, your driving mode can be checked with just a glance.

Easy cab access
4WD vehicles have one more step than 2WD vehicles due to their high vehicle height.
This step is easy to use and is designed to minimize operator fatigue during ingress and egress.

Approach angle/ramp angle
A 30.4-degree approach angle and 27.6-degree ramp angle are maintained, so you can drive over rough, uneven, and undulating terrain with ease.
*When equipped with 7.5R-16-10 tires.