Visibility and protection from every angle

The exceptional visibility of highly rigid FORWARD cabs is due in part to their boxy design, which increases window area. Upward and downward forward visibility is first-rate, and large side mirrors give excellent rear views. Defrosters keep side windows clear.

Greater illumination from headlamps / fog lamps
Larger headlamp bulbs provide better forward illumination during nighttime operation, while fog lamps increase the level of safety in bad weather.

Enhanced braking
Extra-large front and rear drum brakes improve braking performance and are carefully matched to meet the requirements of each model.

Safe stopping and parking at all times
Optional exhaust braking guarantees safe stopping even when fully loaded, while the parking brake lever locks wheels firmly in place.

Backing safety system
In reverse gear, the backing safety system is triggered automatically;
lamps flash and a buzzer sounds to warn pedestrians and other vehicles.

Perfectly positioned grips and handrests
Getting in and out of large vehicles like those of FORWARD has never been easier, thanks to well-placed grips and handrests.
Wide-opening doors and flat seat cushion surfaces also facilitate access.