Five proven diesels for every job

Big power from small displacement:
ISUZU engineers pushed the limits of engine technology to develop the four-cylinder 4HK1-TCC / TCS.
These diesels are ideal for urban delivery.
For long-haul transport and more demanding applications, six-cylinder 6HK1-TCN / TCS offer the ultimate in output and torque and 6HH1-S powerplant features a mechanical pump to supply fuel from the fuel tank.

4HK1-TCC Direct-injection OHC
Displacement 5,193cc
Max. Output 140kW (190PS) / 2,600rpm (net)
Max. Torque 510N•m (52kg•m) / 1,600rpm (net)

4HK1-TCS Direct-injection OHC
Displacement 5,193cc
Max. Output 154kW (210PS) / 2,600rpm (net)
Max. Torque 637N•m (65kg•m) / 1,600rpm (net)
706N•m (72kg•m) / 1,600rpm (net)

6HK1-TCN Direct-injection OHC
Displacement 7,790cc
Max. Output 177kW (240PS) / 2,400rpm (net)
Max. Torque 706N•m (72kg•m) / 1,450rpm (net)

6HK1-TCS Direct-injection OHC
Displacement 7,790cc
Max. Output 206kW (280PS) / 2,400rpm (net)
Max. Torque 882N•m (90kg•m) / 1,450rpm (net)

6HH1-S Direct-injection OHC
Displacement 8,266cc
Max. Output 143kW (195PS) / 2,850rpm (gross)
Max. Torque 490N•m (50kg•m) / 1,700rpm (gross)

The turbocharger realizes high output from small displacement.
The result is improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Common-rail fuel injection system
Electronic control injects fuel at extremely high pressure in 1/1000 second units and determines optimal injection amounts, reducing NOx and particulate matter.

Electronic control technologies
Proprietary ISUZU electronic control technologies are the key to precise regulation of combustion in order to deliver peak power, environmental performance and fuel economy.
Every FORWARD model takes full advantage of cutting-edge ISUZU electronic control.

Smooth and effortless shifting
Refinements to the master cylinder reduce the effort involved in manual shifting and ensure a smooth ride.
Reliability and durability are also enhanced.

Crawler gear to move big loads
On higher GVM models equipped with the ZF9S1110 transmission, a crawler gear provides the power to move heavy, oversize loads.

Inter differential lock / center differential lock / 4WD switches
For maximum drive-axle traction in extreme conditions, two separate differential locks are available along with a 4WD driving system.
Just flip the dash-mounted switches when conditions call for a sure grip in slippery spots.