Easy handling and precision control

FORWARD takes handling and control to the next level.
Chassis and drivetrain enhancements work together with easy-to-read indicators and switches to give unmatched control over vehicle operations.
Day in and day out, drivers will appreciate the flawless handling and easy operation.

Tight turning radius
With a maximum steering angle of 57 degrees and reduced front overhang, FORWARD can maneuver with precision in congested areas and tight quarters.

Minimum turning radius, 3,700mm wheelbase (FSR model)

Power steering / adjustable column
Power steering and tilt / telescopic column adjustment are standard, helping to reduce driver fatigue.

High-visibility meters, simple operation
Meters are located in the center for superior visibility, allowing drivers to confirm vehicle status at a glance.
Surrounding switches are designed for easy control.

Suspended brake pedal
Suspending the brake pedal provides a more natural, car-like driving experience.
It also allows the brake valve to be placed in the quick access area for easier maintenance without tilting the cab.

Driver-friendly inside, aerodynamic outside

Inside and out, FORWARD cabs have the functionality demanded of professional grade medium-duty trucks.
A spacious interior offers plenty of amenities for drivers, while the sculpted exterior has superior aerodynamics to boost fuel economy.
It's a winning combination on every level.

Functional and elegant Hexa-Pod design
Simple, solid and efficient: these are the essential elements of the Hexa-Pod concept.
The exterior has an elegant and timeless look that befits the next stage in FORWARD's evolution as a global leader.

Wide range of wheelbases
With an expanded lineup of wheelbases, FORWARD offers superior carrying capacity and body modification as it responds to customer needs for versatile platforms that can handle any application.

Gusseted joints
Gusset plates are used to reinforce frame joints in order to increase load capacity and rigidity.