FRR GVM 10.4ton
        4x2 DRIVING SYSTEM
        4HK1-TCC, 4HK1-TCS, 6HK1-TCN, 6HH1-S

FSR GVM 11.0ton/13.0ton
        4x2 DRIVING SYSTEM
        4HK1-TCS, 6HK1-TCN, 6HH1-S

FTR GVM 14.2ton
        4x2 DRIVING SYSTEM
        4HK1-TCS, 6HK1-TCN
FVR GVM 15.0ton/17.0ton
        4x2 DRIVING SYSTEM
        4HK1-TCS, 6HK1-TCN, 6HK1-TCS, 6HH1-S

Bumper headlamps (FVR33 model)

FVM GVM 25.0ton
        6x2 DRIVING SYSTEM
        6HK1-TCN, 6HK1-TCS
FVZ GVM 25.0ton
        6x4 DRIVING SYSTEM

FSS GVM 10.0ton
        4x4 DRIVING SYSTEM

FTS GVM 13.0ton
        4x4 DRIVING SYSTEM
        6HK1-TCN, 6HH1-S

*Disc wheel step is optional

GVR GVM 15.0ton GCM 32.0ton
        4x2 DRIVING SYSTEM

A Truck for Every Application
There is a wide variety of rear bodies, application-specific models and modifications to choose from, depending on the specialised needs of your business.

Power Tailgate Vehicle Transporter Dumper

Aerial Platform Wrecker Tanker

Earth Auger Cesspit Emptier Road Sweeper

Refuse Truck Crane / Cargo Refrigerated Van