Class-leading interior space (Full Cab)
The rear of the Full Cab serves dual purposes as a bed and storage area.
Dimensions are best in class, so there is ample room to spread out and rest or stow items. In the Day Cab, rear storage keeps cab clutter to a minimum by providing a handy spot for equipment and hand luggage.

Pleasant and productive working environment
The cab minimizes fatigue by creating a pleasant and productive working environment.
Supportive seating is a top priority. Numerous comfort, audio and storage options boost the level of luxury.

Seat comfort means less driver fatigue
Sit back and relax. Luxurious reclining seats feature long slide adjustment and help make long hours on the road fly by. In the available air-suspension seat system, cushion height is pneumatically maintained at the perfect level.
ISUZU even made a special effort to make seat belts as comfortable as possible by adopting an adjustable anchor.

Silicone-filled cab suspension
Optional silicone-filled mounts allow cab suspension to absorb impact and vibration, smoothing out bumps in the road and protecting cargo.
This system reduces the burden on drivers and dramatically improves ride quality.

Tough leaf spring suspension
Suspension is designed to reduce vibration and increase driving comfort by isolating the vehicle from road shocks.
Suspension type is carefully selected to meet the needs of each model.

Bring out the best of FORWARD
Take full advantage of FORWARD comfort and convenience by choosing from the many options available.
Customizing your vehicle makes FORWARD a t rue workday partner.

24V socket

Cup holders

Convenient hook

Card holder

Coin pocket

DIN space

Center console box (Open)

Center console box (Close)

Header console

Door ashtray

Air conditioning switch

Door pockets

Driver's seat back pocket

Glove box with lid

Keyed tank cap