Winning combination of safety and service

In addition to highly rigid cab construction and steel door beams to protect occupants, a carefully thought-out mirror system provides an expanded safety zone to protect pedestrians and other vehicles when turning and changing lanes.
Easy maintenance is another strongpoint of the C&E Series.
Fluids and filters are readily accessed through the front panel, while the power tilt-cab mechanism simplifies engine and transmission service.

Better mirror visibility for safer driving
Wide-angle mirrors on the driver's side and co-driver's side as well as front and side undermirrors on the co-driver's side expand visibility, helping to prevent "underrun" and contact accidents during turns or merging.

Wide illumination area and full-coverage wipers
Nighttime safety gets a boost from larger headlamp bulbs, which increase the illumination area; at dawn or twilight, use of clearance lamps makes the vehicle more visible.
Full-coverage wipers keep the windshield clear even in extreme conditions.

ABS eliminates wheel lockup
The complete control of an Antilock Braking System is standard on every C&E model. During emergencies or hard braking on slippery surfaces, ABS keeps wheels from locking up and allows the driver to maintain control of the vehicle. Extra-large front and rear drum brakes improve ABS performance..

Reliable wheel parking brake
This high-powered parking brake has a reliable hold, even when parking on an incline.

Worry-free trailer coupling
Full and secure coupling of tractor and trailer is essential for peace of mind and safety.
(CYZ51Q full trailer)

Quick-access panel for easy inspection
Daily inspection of fluid reservoirs, filters and other components takes no time at all, due to the front access panel. By encouraging daily inspection, the access panel prevents minor issues such as low fluids from turning into major repairs.

Protective insect screen
An insect screen over the radiator grille protects vehicles from damage caused by insects and stone chips.

Replaceable sedimenter filters
A sedimenter features replaceable filters - there is no need to replace the entire cartridge. Besides the cost benefit, filters are highly effective and easily remove deposits and water from oil.

Locking fuel tank with step
A locking fuel-tank cap prevents theft and spillage.
On E-Series tractors, a convenient step for platform access is built into the 550-liter fuel tank.

Pre-air cleaner for long filter life
A pre-air cleaner extends the service life of the air cleaner element and is particularly well suited to a variety of uses especially in sandy and dusty areas.

Simplified rear-body mounting and trailer versatility
The wide wheelbase and rugged construction of the C&E Series undercarriage simplifies mounting of rear bodies and trailers for specific applications.
Engineered to be lightweight and durable, the chassis realizes cost-effective handling of heavy loads and is one reason ISUZU is establishing a worldwide reputation as a global brand in the heavy-duty segment.

The sub-name plate shows technologically maximum GVM (first two digits) and engine output (last two digits) at a glance.