ISUZU Pride and Proud C&E-Series DURABILITY

Aerodynamic cab design lowers fuel costs
Corner vanes, blister fenders, an air dam bumper - every facet of the cab is designed to cut wind resistance and improve the aerodynamics.
The open area of the front grill helps to cool the engine without hindering the aerodynamic performance.
This allows for a better interior space and effortless handling, in addition to the improved fuel efficiency.

High-clearance pipe and vertical silencer (Option)
The rear pipe and vertical silencer are carefully positioned to clear rear bodies and provide optimum height from ground for better running performance.

Heavy-duty suspension for big loads
Designed specifically for high carrying capacity, the C&E Series features extra-strength front and rear leaf-spring suspension to absorb vibration, protect cargo and provide a smooth ride. There are two-types of suspension available.
For enhanced operation on uneven terrain, the highly rigid frame resists torsion forces and increases overall durability.

Taper-leaf suspension

Multi-leaf suspension (option)

Variety of tires sizes to match the job
From standard 295/80R and optional 315/80R tubeless tires to 11.00R 20 tube tires, there is a tire size to match your exact application.
Off-road RIBLUG tires or on-road RIB tires can be selected.