Corporate Data

We at Isuzu Motors are aggressively striving to create products and services that can truly satisfy our customers around the world. Considering CV (Commercial Vehicles) business as a core, Isuzu are dedicated to develop diesel engine business and LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) business represented by pickup trucks/SUV which support our business development.

Isuzu aims at a company which grows with you by developing and offering various products, technologies and services that can make a valuable contribution to the livable earth and the affluent society progress.

Isuzu believes that you continue to give us your cordial support.

Name: Isuzu Motors Limited
Established: April 9, 1937
Head Office: 6-26-1 Minami-oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-8722, Japan
President: Masanori Katayama
Business Operations: Manufacture, sales and service of motor vehicles, internal combustion engines and components
Capital: 40.6 billion yen (As of March 2019)
Employees: 37,263 (Consolidated as of March 2019)

Our Corporate Vision
Isuzu will always mean the best

Our Corporate Mission
Trust, Action, Excellence
A global team delivering inspired products and services committed to exceeding expectations

Origin of the Isuzu Name
The name "Isuzu" appeared in the first trademark of 1934, when the current Isuzu's predecessor started mass producing vehicles that met government standards. The name comes from the Isuzu River near Japan's oldest shrine, the Ise Shrine of Mie prefecture. The name "Isuzu Motors Limited" was adopted in 1949.