Cross-Supply with Other Auto Manufacturers

Isuzu Motors Limited has been exchanging products with other auto manufacturers in both the domestic and overseas markets. Attempts to efficiently enhance each product lineup have resulted in success for all companies involved. Isuzu sees this as an important part of its business and plans to continue its cross-supply relationship with other auto manufacturers.

From Isuzu to other auto manufacturers

Supply to Market Product Plant OEM Name Start of Supply
Mazda Japan ELF(N Series truck) Isuzu(Japan) Titan 2004
UD Trucks Japan FORWARD Isuzu(Japan) Condor 2016
GM U.S.A 6.6L V8 Direct Injection Diesel DMAX(U.S.A) Chevrolet Silverado
GMC Sierra
7.8L Direct Injection Diesel Isuzu(Japan) - 1996

From other auto manufacturers to Isuzu

Supply from Country Domestic Name Plant OEM Name Start of Supply
Nissan Japan Civilian(micro bus) Nissan(Japan) Journey 1993
Atlas 100(1-ton truck) Elf 100 1995
Caravan(van) Como 1995