Notice on Reopening of ISUZU Plaza"


Safety Measures and Requests for Visitors to Isuzu Plaza

■ Visitor's physical condition

▪Visitors whose body temperature is over 99.5℉ will not be allowed to enter. Please refrain from visiting when you are feeling unwell, such as fatigued.
(Your body temperature will be taken at the entrance. Entry of visitors who feel unwell, such as fatigued will be denied).

■ Reservation and opening hours

▪Admission is by reservation only (includes Saturdays and public holidays).Please register here for a tour.
▪Each museum tour will be finished within two hours.
▪Admission is limited to groups of less than 10 persons.

■Restrictions on the operation of exhibits

▪For those who want to view the Isuzu Miniature World,admission is limited to the first 16 arrivals and visitors will be seated in chairs provided during the show (Adults can sit with a small child in their lap).
▪ISUZU Plaza guided tours are temporarily suspended.
▪Entering vehicles displayed on the 1st floor is prohibited.
▪Some drive simulators and hands-on exhibits may not be available.

■Requests for visitors

▪Please wear a face mask inside the museum (Excludes infants under 2 years of age). *Entry of visitors without face masks will be denied.
▪Please use hand sanitizer at the entrance and after touching hands-on exhibits.
▪Occasional hand washing is recommended.
▪Please observe social distancing and refrain from talking loudly inside the facility.
▪Refrain from eating inside the facility. Please drink any beverages only at designated areas.
▪The use of water dispensers and smoking rooms is prohibited.

■Safety measures

▪All our staff are working to stay safe by wearing masks, body temperatures measurements, as well as by washing their hands and gargling.
▪To prevent infection from droplets, clear partitions are installed at the reception counter.
▪The facility will be periodically cleaned and disinfected. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation (Doors at the entrance and other areas will remain open for ventilation).
▪Our staff may request visitors who are in close contact with others to maintain their distance.
▪Our staff may also request visitors who stay in the facility more than two hours.
▪All conditions stated above are subject to sudden change based on the requests from Kanagawa Prefecture or Fujisawa City according to changes in the social environment.