Special Exhibitions and Events


The 46th Tokyo Motor Show Encore Exhibition

Jan 8, 2020(Wed.) - The end of April 2020 10:00am - 5:00pm
1F ISUZU for All "Transportation Needs" exhibit Area and 2F History of Isuzu exhibit area

Two concept vehicles which attracted public attention at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show will be introduced as the special exhibition.
Show Model "FL-IR" and next-gen light delivery vehicle "ELF EV Walk-through Van" which had been displayed at Isuzu booth of the 46th Tokyo Motor Show in October 2020 will be introduced as the encore exhibition for a limited time.
Come see and enjoy the exhibiton at ISUZU PLAZA, if you missed the Tokyo Motor Show, or if you want to see those vehicles once again.

Proposing new approaches of working for long-haul driver
Show Model FL-IR (1/10 scale)
With the concept of Creating new ways of working for the long-haul driver enabling them to feel safe, secure and stimulated, a model's been developed specially for the show to depict a futuristic distribution network.
By linking the similarities in connected and platooning trucks to marine mammals that navigate through ultrasonic sound waves and their unique swimming formation, a shark-inspired bio design was created to illustrate an image of a mighty robot. Its exterior is designed organically with a sharp-nose cabin vital to let it cut through the wind, which is contrasted by a sturdy aero device around it.
Inside the cabin, a layer design is employed enabling to adjust the layout of a dashboard when switching between manual and autonomous driving. Seats can come together in the center for pleasurable driving and comfort.

Isuzu's vision for the delivery trucks of tomorrow created with customers
ELF EV Walk-through Van, next-gen light delivery vehicle. On top of being environmentally conscious such as zero emissions, quiet operation, etc., it takes advantage of the EV architecture which allows for a walk-through structure to provide better working conditions for drivers and optimize efficiency in collection and delivery. A swivel seat on a driver-side makes it easy for the driver to get in and out of the vehicle.
In respect to safety, a combination of a digital mirror system (CMS*1) which covers a wider range of view than any conventional mirrors together with 3D Surround Multiview*2 that provides a 3D vehicle periphery monitoring secures safety for the driver and surroundings.
*1: Camera monitoring system *2: Omnidirectional monitor