Promotion of biodiversity through conservation of the natural environment of communities
(WAcom Hokkaido CO., Ltd.)

WAcom Hokkaido (Mukawa town, Yufutsu-Gun, Hokkaido) conducts automobile testing on consignment and owns a wide range of test courses. Their vast site is the size of 92 Tokyo Domes.

This vast site is very rich in nature. To continue to protect the natural environment, WAcom Hokkaido conducts natural environment conservation activities with people in neighboring communities.

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Activity for preserving the pure water of Mukawa River

To protect the Mukawa River, which boasts some of the clearest water in Hokkaido, the company has set up a sand control dam* in the balancing reservoir so that they can manage the reservoir water and maintain the quality of the water that ultimately runs into the Mukawa River.

Moreover, after consultation with Mukawa Town, Water oaks were planted within the site to conserve the rich water sources that can be found in the thick forest. The oaks, which are locally grown in the neighboring communities, are known for effective wellhead protection.

* Sad control dam:
It is set up in a minor stream and makes it possible to prevent landslide damage.
It is different from general dams and is specifically designed to prevent landslide damages.

Sad control dam installed in the site
Planted Water Oaks

Activity Achievement

Japanese cranes in flight are sometimes seen at the site, as are groups of skunk cabbages. Japanese cranes are known as the Hokkaido regional bird and are also a vulnerable species.

  • Landing Japanese crane
  • A group of skunk cabbages

Future Initiatives

WAcom Hokkaido will continuously strive to maintain the ecosystem of the communities through the natural environmental conservation of the site. Moreover, the company works together with local people to direct the conservation of biodiversity and protect Mukawa's rich natural environment.