Special Achievements

N Series Upholds No. 1 Ranking in Japan

The N Series maintained its top position in Japan as the nation's most registered cab-over truck of between two- and three-ton payloads in 2012. Known as the Elf in Japan, the series has held the top position for 12 straight years and all but one year since 1970.
The N Series debuted in the Japanese market back in 1959. Over the years, the model has become synonymous with light-duty trucks, thanks to continuous innovation and superior quality. Isuzu's unmatched diesel technology has enabled the series to repeatedly set new standards for environmental impact and fuel economy. Moreover, the N Series' functional, stylish design and safety engineering have largely defined the history of light-duty trucks in Japan.
The sixth generation of the series, introduced in 2006 in the Japanese market, boasts a long list of enhancements, such as refined styling; sturdy, lightweight cabin; compact, clean yet powerful 4JJ1-TCS 3-liter intercooled turbo diesel engine; Smoother-Ex transmission; and much more.
The current model should help the N Series add many more years to its streak as the most registered vehicle of its kind in Japan. Cumulative production, which already exceeds five million units, is expected to grow at an accelerated pace as the series builds on its strong reputation in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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