Engine Line-up

Both in terms of quality and quantity, Isuzu aims to become the world's number one manufacturer of diesel engines by pioneering the development of clean, fuel-efficient engines. The current lineup boasts a wide range of models in which the company's technological edge has been crystallized. Among these engines, the lastest automotive models in particular reflect the trends of today's market demands.

8GF1 Diesel
The 32-valve OHC engine is manufactured at DMAX, Ltd. in the U.S.A. under the name of Duramax 6600 Diesel to power GM full-size pickups, full-size vans commercial vehicles. The Duramax 6600 is regarded as one of the best performing diesels in the US market. It has the class-leading power and performance in its class with the segment's highest horsepower and peak torque ratings. Its fuel-efficient performance was achieved by the common-rail high-pressure fuel injection system and its light weight of only 836 lbs. (approximately 380kg), which was realized by the use of aluminum in key components including cylinder head.
Displacement: 6,599cc
Max Output: 224kW(360PS)/3,200rpm
Max Torque: 880N-m(89.5kg-m)/1,600rpm
Application: Chevrolet Silverado/Express, GMC Sierra/Savana
8GF1 Diesel

4JJ1-TCS Diesel
The 4JJ1-TCS intercooled turbocharged engine was developed for ELF light duty trucks. In order to achieve fuel economy and cleaner exhaust emissions at a higher level, Isuzu developed this engine with its original cutting-edge technologies and created the world-class diesel with smaller displacement and super-turbocharging. In pursuit of compact, and light-weight engines with higher torque per displacement, various performance required for engines such as fuel efficiency, light weight and environmental friendliness were totally improved.
Displacement: 2,999rpm
Max Output: 110kW(150ps)/2,800rpm
Max Torque: 375N-m(38.2kg-m)/1,400~2,800rpm
Application: ELF light-duty trucks in Japan
4JJ1 diesel

6UZ1-TCS Diesel
The 6UZ1 engine installed on the GIGA heavy-duty truck was developed with an emphasis on smaller displacement and super-turbocharging. The engine meets the new long-term emission regulations in Japan, featuring light-weight, compact size and high efficiency. The compatibility between fuel efficiency and low emissions were achieved through the use of electronically controlled one way cooled EGR(Exhaust Gas Recirculation) technology, designed for larger air flow and increased cooling.
Displacement: 9,839cc
Max Output: 279kW(380ps)/1,800rpm
Max Torque: 1,765N-m(180kg-m)/1,200rpm
Application: GIGA heavy duty trucks and tractors in Japan
6UZ1-TCS diesel