A Leading Supplier of Industrial Diesels

Companies around the world have chosen Isuzu diesel engines as indispensable partners for their businesses. They value Isuzu diesels for their combination of power, performance and reliability. In the marine market, users choose Isuzu engines for their sure-starting dependability. Customers also like the fact that Isuzu's advanced technology is continually raising the standards for low-noise, low-pollution industrial diesels.
Inherent distinctive features of diesel engines include fuel economy, high rate of heat-to-power conversion, lasting durability and powerful torque across a wide range of speeds. In addition, the cylinder size of diesel engines is not limited by problems with engine knock.
Thus, no other type of internal combustion engine than diesels can be used for so many different industries. The long list of applications includes small lawnmowers, farm tractors, snowplows, generators and supertankers. They are also being used increasingly for environmentally friendly co-generation systems, which use waste heat to produce hot water and electricity.
Isuzu has sophisticated the features of diesels in its long history to keep pace with the changing demands of industry.
The Leader in Japanese Market
In the Japanese industrial engine market, Isuzu has the top share in the sales of stand-alone diesel engines to other companies. The company supplies diesels to more than 120 companies, including world famous firms such as Hitachi. Isuzu commands more than a 50 percent share of Japan's markets for diesel-powered hydraulic shovels and forklifts, and is the leading supplier of diesel engines in many other construction machinery fields.

Footing in Overseas Market
Isuzu has been equally successful overseas. American Isuzu Motors Inc. has a growing network of over 27 master distributor locations and over 670 authorized service dealers for ISUZU industrial diesels.
In Europe, where Isuzu has the top share in the stand-alone automotive diesel engine market, the company's sales and service network has been established for Isuzu industrial engine customers in more than 13 countries.
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Reliable Partner at the South Pole
Isuzu's good name in the diesel field lives on at Japan's permanent research facility at the South Pole. Isuzu was selected in 1955 by the Japanese government as the supplier of all diesel engines for snowmobiles and generators at the Japanese base, and has
photo imagejoined the Japanese expedition to Antarctica from its beginning in 1956. Isuzu has also dispatched engineers to the expedition in order to ensure the trouble-free operation of engines and vehicles.
The average temperature during a year on the continent is-30°C, the atmosphere is low and the maximum elevation reaches 5,000 meters above sea level. Strong wind blows throughout the year and blizzards occur every day. Everything, from the lives of expedition members to research activities, depends on reliable performance of Isuzu diesel engines, especially sure start-up.
Snowmobiles require diesel engines which satisfy strict standards for performance, because they move around an extended area in a severe climate. The turbo-charged 13.7-liter 6RB1 diesel has been mounted on large snowmobiles for use in the interior, where is 3,800 meters above sea level and the temperature goes down to -80°C. 
Generators in the base are equipped with Isuzu diesels to produce daily-use electricity for observational equipment, room heating, cooking, melting ice to make water and so on.
Isuzu is very proud of its long history in which the company and its engineers have played important roles in supporting the lives of people who work in Antarctica, regarding it as proof of the excellent reliability and durability of Isuzu diesel engines.