Safety Technology

Analyzing the nature of commercial vehicles and pursuing safety from every angle.

Basic vehicle safety is maturing across the board as Isuzu tailors technologies to theme unique to commercial vehicles.
By raising safety to a higher level, Isuzu is becoming the worldwide choice.

Taking active and passive safety further.
The hours of operation and driving distances of commercial vehicles differ significantly from those of passenger vehicles. Moreover, trucks are responsible for delivery even during poor weather conditions in order to maintain the distribution system. And, should an accident occur, there is always the danger of major damage due to the heavy weight of vehicles and cargo. Given these factors, advanced safety measures to prevent accidents are essential. Isuzu focuses on reducing driver fatigue and improving basic safety through such fundamental factors as excellent visibility and ease of handling, and also equips the heavy-duty GIGA with cutting-edge VAT or View Assist Technology, which uses millimeter waves in the extremely high frequency range to monitor distances. In addition, as part of our Mimamori-kun Online Service (see Customer Support), we are proposing more advanced features, such as real-time voice warnings in instances of sudden acceleration or deceleration and when drivers have been behind the wheel for extended periods. The digital analysis employed in development of ELF and FORWARD also plays a role in enhancing passive safety by improving rigidity of the cab and frame while cutting weight. Additionally, the electronic immobilizer locking system is now standard, a class first, as Isuzu takes the security of trucks carrying large shipments into consideration.

Prioritizing practical application of systems that improve safety.
Isuzu proactively made available the retarder system to assist with braking and Hill Start Aid (HSA) for easy starts on slopes; both are now routinely found on trucks today. In addition, Isuzu was the first manufacturer in Japan to adopt 4-bag air suspension, which offers a number of cost benefits for transportation companies and reduces driving fatigue, thereby improving safety. Moreover, Smoother, which automates clutch and shift operations based on a manual transmission, is leading to advances in fuel-efficient and safe driving techniques, reducing lifecycle costs and significantly improving management efficiency of transportation companies.

Digital analysis Collision test

Driving test

Advanced View Assist Technology (VAT)
Extremely high frequency radar is used to monitor distances between vehicles and provides drivers with a "Millimeter Wave Warning" and "Millimeter Wave Cruise"; additionally, the "Driving Concentration Monitor" warns of inattentive steering, which keeps drivers alert and better able to make good judgments overall. This system is a further refinement of the active safety concept of pinpointing possible sources of danger and preventing accidents.
VAT is a vision-enhancement system that helps the driver and promotes safety through such advanced technology as millimeter-wave radar, which is a key system of Advanced Safety Vehicles (ASV).