Manufacturing Quality

Global quality through standardized manufacturing.

Uncompromising quality is Isuzu's heritage. To ensure uniform quality of products worldwide, Isuzu is continuously raising the quality of the workforce and manufacturing system.

Strict quality control plus efficient manufacturing, day in and day out.
At Isuzu, quality comes first. For the peace of mind of customers around the world, the Manufacturing Division executes a strict quality control system. The chassis and engine of a vehicle consist of over 10,000 parts. To prevent any defects, Isuzu has established a system of screening checkpoints to ensure that defective parts are not passed to the next process. Isuzu has instilled the concept of guaranteed quality among line staff, ensuring that the job performed at each manufacturing step conforms 100% to quality standards. In addition, specialized line inspectors are watching at key sections to support the process of quality management, which is capped by a rigorous final inspection.
The Isuzu Manufacturing Management (IMM) system standardizes the company's know-how in quality control in order to ensure uniform product quality around the world. First implemented at domestic plants, IMM is now in effect at various parts manufacturing subsidiaries and assembly plants abroad. Consumers can rest assured that the quality is the same in every Isuzu plant around the world.

Environmental activities are under way at all manufacturing bases.
All Isuzu domestic plants and major overseas facilities are ISO 14001 certified and have implemented measures to protect the global environment. Domestic plants have already achieved the goal of "zero emission" and are now aggressively taking initiatives to protect the world's environment and save energy and resources. For instance, while the long-term target was to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% from the 1990 level by 2010 as a measure to prevent global warming, by 2006 the plants had already succeeded in reducing emissions by over 50%.

Maintaining quality with constant daily improvements, raising manufacturing efficiency.
Commercial vehicles have a variety of configurations and specifications to meet each customer's requirements. Fujisawa Plant, Isuzu's major manufacturing base, is moving ahead with the consolidation and streamlining of manufacturing, enhancing flexibility in order to make the process more efficient through such measures as assembly of heavy- and medium-duty vehicles on the same line. In addition, Isuzu is constantly working to maintain quality and increase efficiency in the manufacture of small quantities of various models. Line supervisors get together at quality audit meetings before their shifts to share information on quality control and look for ways to respond more agilely to changes and problems.