Manufacturing Quality

Eternally start with trust and end with trust

Customers' trust is an indispensable asset, and care for quality is our tradition. During a designing stage, the latest digital technology is used to simulate severe natural environments and usage conditions around the world for analysis. During a development stage, all our efforts are focused on experiments carried out with actual vehicles. The vehicles are then tested against known usage. Even when all objectives are met, complete overhaul is performed for further verification. Continuous improvements are then repeated to build in durability and reliability.
Along production lines, multiple inspection points to prevent defects are in place as part of a system that detects a defect prior to passing it on to the next process. Additionally, to achieve a high-level, consistent quality, training programs and production knowhow have been standardized under the name of "Isuzu Monozukuri (IM)", which has been practiced by Isuzu-affiliated plants around the world. By passing down the DNA of the IM, the quality will be maintained regardless of by whom and where our trucks are made.

Driving test / Bench test

Production process