Diesel Technology

Continuous innovation with cutting-edge technologies

Isuzu's mission is to support "delivery". To deliver a cutting-edge, eco-friendly and fuel-efficient performance to all its customers, the Isuzu's powertrain system is so cleverly designed that it monitors each vehicle to see how it has been driven so as to improve user friendliness and "real-world fuel economy". In addition, since trucks are repeatedly driven under full load and full throttle conditions, Isuzu makes engines with absolutely no compromise in regards to durability and reliability.
"D-CORE" engine series showcase Isuzu's innovative diesel technologies. A combination of downsized displacement and turbo boost has drastically optimized engine performance in terms of power, torque, fuel economy and weight. To achieve even better fuel savings and clean performance, Isuzu continues to leverage its world-leading technologies such as a proprietary electronic control with desire to explore new advancement opportunities.

D-CORE series, next-generation diesel engines taking truck efficiency to the next level.
The diesel engine has the advantage of exceptional fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. Accordingly, diesel is expected to play a role in the prevention of global warming. Considering the seriousness of global warming and limited fossil fuels, the biggest issue today is realizing both environmental and economic performance. To achieve this, Isuzu focused on lowering emissions and increasing efficiency through small displacement and turbocharging engines. We have succeeded in fundamentally raising expectations of engine performance in terms of fuel economy and weight by increasing output and torque per unit of emissions and making engines as light and compact as possible. The result is the D-CORE engine series, which not only meets 2005 emission regulations but 2015 fuel economy standards as well.
D-CORE represents a next-generation highly-efficient diesel engine series in which Isuzu original concept, technology and performance are integrated to become a core of the diesel engine in the year to come.

4JJ1-TCS Diesel for Light-duty Trucks

4HK1 Diesel for Medium-duty Trucks

6UZ1 Engine for Heavy-duty Trucks