Customer Support

"Soft" support reflects Isuzu's originality.

For more efficient operations, Isuzu is supporting customers through seminars on fuel efficient and safe driving, and with the advanced Mimamori-kun Online Service.
Isuzu also promotes its round-the-clock service system to maximize uptime of customers' vehicle.

Absolute customer satisfaction without borders.
Twenty-four hours a day and 365 days a year - trucks operate on grueling schedules, and they sometimes see lifetime mileages of more than one million kilometers. While distribution networks are expanding around the world, we face common issues about vehicle maintenance. Isuzu is always doing its best to provide comprehensive after-sales service and to expand the advanced service system developed in the domestic market to overseas markets. What customers expect of us is nothing less than superb service. Isuzu is meeting this expectation by establishing a standardized quality service system without borders.

Offering support programs to improve fuel efficiency and safety.
Since 1995, Isuzu has been taking the initiative to support customers with a range of seminars, including those on fuel efficient and safe driving. In Japan, over 10,000 customers have attended the seminars. We are now providing customers all over the world with the opportunity to raise the efficiency of their operations. In addition, with the December 2006 opening of Isuzu Premium Club, an exclusive seminar facility and driving course for customers at Fujisawa Plant, our seminar system is growing more extensive. In 2007, our program to improve fuel efficiency was recognized as an "eco-drive" curriculum by the Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation.

Bidirectional data transmission between vehicles and offices brings a new dimension to environmental performance, safety and efficiency.
Mimamori-kun Online Service is the first full-scale telematics system for commercial vehicles that dramatically improves operations. The system analyzes huge quantities of data on driving operations and status collected from the truck's control computer, the information center of the vehicle, and links trucks, transportation companies / shipment owners and Isuzu via state-of-the-art communication technology. A full-model change in 2007 dramatically enhanced features, realizing interactive data communication between vehicles and offices. A LCD guide and voice message function strongly encourages fuel efficient and safe driving. In addition, the system incorporates Japan's first cardless Internet digital tachograph. A messaging function and driving journal are standard features, and can significantly improve operational efficiency. Moreover, in Isuzu IT-compatible vehicles (recent-year models), the system monitors the degree of wear of parts based on vehicle load and provides an optimal maintenance schedule for each vehicle. This allows efficient use of parts and, through proactive maintenance service, prevents sudden problems on the road, establishing a new benchmark for manufacturer service.

Mimamori-kun Online Service Realizing the huge potential of commercial vehicle telematics
Mimamori-kun Online Service
Driving journal
Operation time analysis report
Fuel-efficient driving report
Fuel-efficient driving summary
Vehicle location notification
Delivery conditions notification
Driving tracking
Vehicle emergency tracking
Messaging function
Accident warning
Warning on locations of frequent accidents
Theft warning
Emergency repair request
Vehicle maintenance schedule notification
Internet digital tachograph

Opened at Fujisawa Plant in 2006 to provide customers with more practical and up-to-date "soft" support programs. It consists of a classroom section for seminars and a test course for driving vehicles. All seminar programs closely reflect the demands on distribution and trucks in society, helping transportation companies to achieve higher efficiency and profits as well as establish bonds of mutual trust with shipment owners.

Improving service system
With a nationwide network of approximately 250 locations, the Ohayaku Center quick service system meets customers ' need for on-site repairs 24 hours a day. It is linked with Mimamori-kun Online Service to get drivers back on the road as quickly as possible. In addition, Isuzu dealers are promoting a nationwide campaign designed to eliminate roadside breakdowns by suggesting preventative measures to customers based on the assistance cases of the Ohayaku-san service. As part of this campaign, dealer service shops have extended their business hours at night and on Sundays and holidays. Also, a new parts delivery system was adopted to expedite repair works. With such a "customers-first" initiative, Isuzu keeps improving its service system.