Focus on the quality of customer connections

Customers of commercial vehicles are facing the same challenges no matter where they are in the world, and they only want consistent, high-quality products and services. Since 1995, Isuzu has been offering various educational seminars including training on fuel economy and safe driving. "Isuzu Premium Clubs", the facilities established at Fujisawa Plant and WAcom Hokkaido, offer test drive experience exclusively to their customers and provide a wider range of training programs to improve customers' uptime. These programs are also being shared and performed around the world.
Moreover, "ISUZU Monozukuri Service Training Center" in Japan and "ISUZU Manufacturing Training Center Thailand" were opened to develop highly skilled human resources who can deliver world-class products and services to customers and upgrade their skills on a regular basis.As part of a project commemorating the 80th anniversary of the establishment of ISUZU, ISUZU Plaza opened in 2017 next to Fujisawa Plant. The Plaza aims to bring ISUZU closer to visitors through exhibits and interactive activities. The displays are organized under three themes: History of ISUZU, Automobile Manufacturing of ISUZU and ISUZU for All your "Transportation Needs" to make it easier for the visitors to see how ISUZU has evolved over the years and what key roles commercial vehicles play in our lives.

Isuzu Premium Club
Facilities are open only to customers and provide most contemporary and practical programs to assist transportation businesses and help solve problems. It consists of buildings for class-room seminars and circuits for test drives.

ISUZU Monozukuri Service Training Center
Opened in 2015 adjacent to Fujisawa Plant, the center offers a wide variety of training to develop skills required at production sites as well as skills required for vehicle sales and servicing. Also, there is Isuzu Technical High School on the property.

The Plaza also offers the latest trucks and buses, Isuzu vintage collection, one of Japan's largest dioramas, production line replica, Monozukuri craft workshops and guided facility tours to serve as a place bringing the local community together. ISUZU PLAZA