Software Program Tokyo Motor Show 2004

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Teaching safe, fuel-efficient driving methods at home and abroad.
Hands-on ISUZU seminars have given company management and operators the opportunity to learn safe and fuel-efficient driving methods since 1995. Methods of introducing company drivers to ways of enhancing safety and fuel economy are also presented. Customers have welcomed the unique perspective of these seminars as only possible from a truck manufacturer. ISUZU actively plans to offer more support programs in Japan as well as overseas in an effort to maximize the operational efficiency of vehicles.
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Fuel-efficiency driving seminars
Along with videos and textbooks, actual vehicles are used and participants learn fuel-saving driving methods as well as how to promote the techniques within their company.
Fuel-efficiency driving seminars Fuel-efficiency driving seminars Fuel-efficiency driving seminars

Safe driving seminars
Common accidents involving trucks are discussed and participants learn ways to prevent them in delivery simulations.
Safe driving seminars Safe driving seminars

MIMAMORI-KUN Online Service.
The distribution environment enters a new era.

ISUZU began the MIMAMORI-KUN Online Service, a full-scale telematics system for commercial vehicles, in February 2004. Designed by ISUZU to provide reports on how individual drivers can improve fuel economy and to understand costs according to shipment owner and route, the system utilizes state-of-the-art communication technology such as packet communication and the Internet. It gives vehicle data according to operational circumstances in real time, and the information can be shared between transportation companies and owners of goods, enhancing reliablity.
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Six unique services available
from ISUZU as a truck manufacturer
1. Fuel-saving driving report service
2. Driving time analysis report service
3. Accident? warning service
4. Motto Ohayaku Service
5. Vehicle position notification service
6. Warning on locations with high
    accident occurrence
Six unique services available from ISUZU as a truck manufacturer
Six unique services available from ISUZU as a truck manufacturer

Expanded real-time reporting is coming to commercial vehicles.
In the future, the MIMAMORI-KUN Online Service will include real-time on-site reporting from all over Japan. The system will add new value to trucks as it monitors transport, traffic and provides people and society with useful information.

Extensive service system
As seen by establishment of the Motto Ohayaku Service, a 24-hour on-site repair service, ISUZU is building a network to connect sales companies and service shops all over Japan and establishing a system that puts customers first, including such measures as extended operating hours at night, weekends and holidays as well as immediate parts delivery.
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