Low Emission Zone Tokyo Motor Show 2004

Playing a major role in protecting our natural heritage. ISUZU is proud of our clean energy vehicles..
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ELF CNG-MPI vehicle [reference exhibition]
Powered by natural gas to meet long-term emission goals.
This clean, powerful and low-noise vehicle runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) and is especially well-suited for urban collection and delivery early in the morning and late at night. The ELF CNG-MPI utilizes multi-point injection, With more precise electronic control, it meets new long-term emission standards. ISUZU continues to address development of clean vehicles as a commercial vehicle manufacturer with top share* in this class.
CNG *2003 CNG vehicle share 67% (number of ELF class cab-over models registered in Japan; internal company data)

ELF DME Vehicle [reference exhibition]
Gaining attention as an alternative to diesel.
The ELF DME is a next-generation clean energy vehicle powered by Dimethyl ether (DME), which is synthesized from natural gas or biomass. Based on the clean diesel engine in the new model ELF, the injection system has been modified to achieve output and torque similar to that produced by engines using diesel as fuel. It does not require a DPD, emits zero black smoke and the amount of PM and NOx is extremely small.

HYBRID lowering the combustion temperature
ELF HEV vehicle for clean and fuel-efficient. [reference exhibition]
Based on the new model ELF, this vehicle features an original ISUZU hybrid system combined with the Smoother-E Auto Shift, a clutchless transmission offering the advantages of both manual and automatic shifting systems. This approach realizes clean emissions as well as lower fuel costs in city driving. Moreover, it reduces vehicle maintenance expenses as a highly reliable system designed for less driving fatigue.

Peak delivery performance in stop-and-go city driving.
When decelerating, the motor generator collects the vehicle's kinetic energy as electricity and charges the battery. When starting or accelerating, the motor generator uses electrical energy as supplemental power, reducing the burden on the engine and allowing quieter and cleaner delivery in cities. The battery is also capable of independently supplying power.

Starting and accelerating Starting and accelerating
The motor generator assists the engine.
Running at speed Running at constant speed
Vehicle runs only on the engine.
Decelerating and stopping Decelerating and stopping
The motor generator collects vehicle's kinetic energy as electricity and charges the battery.

The idling stop system is standard, stopping the engine when the vehicle is not moving and shifted into Neutral; the engine starts again when in gear and getting underway.