Lineup Zone Tokyo Motor Show 2004

Safe, economical and clean transport. ISUZU technologies come together in our commercial vehicles.

ELF Ultra-low PM Vehicle
The new ELF accelerates the joy of driving.

The light-duty ELF has enjoyed phenomenal success in the 45 years since its launch, and is now entering a new stage as it gains the confidence of the next generation of operators. The ELF goes beyond certification as an environment-friendly diesel vehicle with ultra-low emissions of particulate matter. The focus is now on drivability. The ELF lineup includes an automatic shift model with the Smoother-E transmission for the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. The redesigned front end with its bold determined look also signals a new era for the ELF.
Smoother-E automatic transmission model
Smoother-E automatic transmission model

[Specifications]     Special exhibition model
Vehicle size:4,995(L) x 1,890(W) x 2,940(H)mm
Engine:96kW(130PS) / 3,000rpm(net)

Transmissions that provide more comfort and economy the more you drive.
These original transmissions reflect the history of ISUZU's long involvement with commercial vehicles. The Smoother Series brings the benefits of both manual and automatic shifting to transmissions specially designed for individual truck classes - Smoother-G for heavy-duty vehicles, Smoother-F for medium-duty trucks and Smoother-E for light-duty vehicles. Advantages for cost-effective operation include better fuel economy, lower maintenance costs and less driving fatigue.
The new model ELF uses the Smoother-E automatic transmission with the world's first * solenoid actuator system. Through complete automation of shifting operations, smooth and responsive driving is now possible for everyone.
* Light-duty truck ELF class

Smoother-E Auto Shift
Smoother-E Auto Shift
Smoother-G 12Stages
Smoother-G 12Stages

GIGAMAX G-Cargo/FORWARDMAX F-Cargo Ultra-low PM Vehicles
Practical performance combined with clean emissions and cost-effectiveness.
The heavy-duty G-Cargo and medium-duty F-Cargo provide the performance, specifications, quality and on-time delivery that customers demand. Moreover, Isuzu Clean Air Solutions (I-CAS) ensure these vehicles have excellent environmental performance. Additional advantages include advanced safety technology and economy from the Smoother-G/F - clutchless transmissions offering the benefits of both manual and automatic shifting - as well as transportation quality from the 4-bag air suspension system, which reduces load shifting and damage. The G-Cargo and F-Cargo also feature a unique wing body designed to handle various types of cargo. Both models are key players in highway and arterial transport, meeting a wide range of needs.

Special exhibition model
GIGAMAX G-Cargo[Specifications]
Vehicle size:11,980(L) x 2,495(W) x 3,790(H)mm Engine:272kW(370PS) / 1,750rpm(net)
FORWARDMAX F-Cargo[Specifications]
Vehicle size:8,610(L) x 2,325(W) x 3,465(H)mm Engine:151kW(205PS) / 2,700rpm(net)

Special exhibition model
Vehicle size:8,380(L) x 2,325(W) x 3,540(H)mm
Engine:140kW(190PS) / 2,900rpm(net)
FORWARD F-Cargo Ultra-low PM Vehicle
Easy on the environment for local deliveries.

This medium-duty short-cab is ideal for deliveries in urban and residential areas. It offers the practical advantages of the F-Cargo along with I-CAS technology and certification as an ultra-low PM emission diesel vehicle. ISUZU's priorities -- transport safety, cost-effectiveness and clean operation -- all come together in this truck.