LCV Zone Tokyo Motor Show 2004

Driven to create. ISUZU is taking trust beyond national borders.

ISUZU pickup trucks are proving themselves around the world.
A new generation is ready to expand the reputation of ISUZU pickup trucks for high performance in diverse conditions. Equipped with a highly reliable low-emission and fuel-efficient engine, the new model debuted in Thailand in October 2004 ahead of its introduction worldwide. The sophisticated exterior styling and interior, along with the environmentally sound engine, have won favorable reviews.

D-MAX Extend Cab
D-MAX Extend Cab
[reference exhibition, overseas production vehicle]
2WD Thailand Vehicle size:5,040(L) x 1,720(W) x 1,640(H)mm
Engine output:107kW(145PS) / 3,600rpm(net)

4JJ1 diesel engine for LCV
[reference exhibition]

Meets the needs of various countries, including Thailand; A new environmental engine realizing a higher level of comfort, economy, reliability and durabilility. 4JJ1-TC diesel engine
Electronic control common-rail system
Cooled EGR 2999cc
D-MAX Crew Cab
D-MAX Crew Cab
[reference exhibition, overseas production vehicle]
2WD Thailand
Vehicle size:4,920(L) x 1,800(W) x 1,735(H)mm
Engine output:107kW(145PS) / 3,600rpm(net)

ISUZU truck topics
ISUZU ranks No.1 in 2003 world truck production
ISUZU was the top manufacturer of medium-duty trucks in 2003, based on production of vehicles of GVW of 6.1 tons or higher and tabulation of volume by country and manufacturer. Regaining the No.1 position for the first time since 1997 has special meaning for the company as it strives to establish trust overseas in diverse cultures and widely varying road conditions.
Note: This ranking is based on production volume statistics of medium-duty or larger trucks (gross vehicle weight of 6.1 tons or higher) according to automobile industry associations of each country.

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Medium-duty trucks, GVW 6.1-16.0 tons (14,000-33,000 lbs. for the U.S.)
Heavy-duty trucks, over GVW 16.1 tons; tractor/trailers (33,001 pounds or higher for the U.S.)
Based on automobile industry association documents of each country (India and South Korea are excluded as data has not been obtained)
Excludes consignment production