Smoother Tokyo Motor Show 2002

Next-generation Transmission "Smoother Series" cut lifecycle costs for management efficiency

The Smoother series of transmissions, already mounted on GIGA Tractors and FORWARD medium-duty trucks, are gaining wide recognition for their reduced lifecycle costs and management advantages. Isuzu is also developing the Smoother series in ELF and GIGAMAX, extending their benefits from light to heavy-duty trucks. In combination with full air-suspension and 4-bag air-suspension, the Smoother series meets the demands of the transportation industry for cost-effective management.

The first* fully automatic mechanical transmission
The Smoother-G transmission mounted on the GIGA tractor is a fully automatic mechanical transmission. The clutch functions of start drive, shift, and stop are fully automated, which brings benefits. Multistage automatic gear shift boosts fuel economy. Clutch wear and tear is reduced thanks to automated clutch operation. Smoother-G also reduces driver's fatigue.
*A mechanical fully automatic transmission in domestic heavy duty truck category.

Smoother-F has both economic and safety advantages
The Smoother-F transmission mounted on FORWARD is a manual transmission with no clutch pedal. It utilizes fluid coupling and wet-type clutch plates, eliminating clutch operation and replacement. Vehicle maintenance costs are significantly reduced, leading to management efficiency.
*Smoother-E has been developed as the same type of transmission as Smoother-F.

transmission system

The best air-suspension vehicle
GIGAMAX Full Air-suspension
By adopting air-suspension on all axles, rear body vibration is significantly reduced in comparison to vehicles with air-suspension only on rear axles. Low-deck, 4-axle cargo trucks show particular improvement in reducing rear body vibration with full air-suspension. Moreover, both front and rear height adjustment makes loading easier and shortens the loading time. As added benefits, full air-suspension prevents cargo damages, thereby reducing insurance costs.
GIGAMAX Low Deck Cargo with Full Air-suspension

ELF Smoother-E, FORWARDMAX Short-Cab, GIGAMAX TRACTOR Air-suspension, GIGAMAX Low Deck Cargo with Full Air-suspension
ELF Smoother-E (Reference exhibition)
This ELF is mounted with the Smoother-E transmission,which utilizes the same fluid coupling and wet-type clutch plates as those in Smoother-F. It is truly a transmission for the next generation of cost-effective management.
[Specifications] Dimensions (mm): Length 5955 x Width 1995 x Height 2175 (chassis)
Engine output: 125kW (170PS)

Mounted on a 4-bag air-suspension vehicle, no clutch operation is necessary with the Smoother-F transmission. Fuel economy rivals that of manualtransmissions. With Smoother-F and reliable air-suspension, efficient operation is assured.
[Specifications] Dimensions (mm): Length 8010 x Width 2200 x Height 2490 (chassis)
Engine output: 151kW (205PS)

GIGAMAX TRACTOR with Full Air-suspension
This vehicle incorporates the 16-gear Smoother-G transmission and newly developed EBS (electronic braking system). Its 4-bag air-suspension reduces pitching caused by trailer hop. By supporting both safety and economical operation, the GIGAMAX air-suspension tractor is at the forefront of the distribution industry.
[Specifications] Dimensions (mm): Length 5640 x Width 2490 x Height 3230
Engine output: 302kW (410PS)

GIGAMAX Low Deck Cargo with Full Air-suspension (Reference exhibition)
The Smoother-G, a newly developed automatic mechanical transmission with 12 gears, perfectly complements the GIGAMAX full air-suspension low-deck, the king of Isuzu commercial vehicle line up. This vehicle satisfies the needs for high-quality and economical transportation.
[Specifications] Dimensions (mm): Length 11995 x Width 2495 x Height 3795
Engine output: 272kW (370PS)

Fuel-efficient, high-output diesels for medium- and heavy-duty trucks

6HK1-TC diesel for medium-duty vehicles
206kW (280PS) is achieved by adopting a compact high-performance turbo charger.
6HK1-TC diesel for medium-duty vehicles
OHC 24 valves electronic control common-rail
high-pressure fuel injection system
7790cc 206kW (280PS)
6WG1-TC diesel for heavy-duty vehicles
6WG1-TC diesel for heavy-duty vehicles
With a large displacement of 15.6 liters and output of 382kW (520PS), this engine is designed for mass high-way transport.

OHC 24 valves electronic control common-rail
high-pressure fuel injection system one-way cooled EGR system
15681cc 382kW (520PS)