The MIMAMORIKUN System Tokyo Motor Show 2002

Isuzu supports the transportation industry from the "soft" side to enhance reliability

Since its introduction in January 2002, the "MIMAMORIKUN" operations diagnostic system has won industry acclaim and been introduced at more than 200 transportation companies. MIMAMORIKUN allows Isuzu to periodically analyze operations data on acceleration, braking and gear use. We can then advise companies on how best to improve fuel economy and institute safe driving. The net result reduces running costs and improves in the quality of distribution.
MIMAMORIKUN brings the benefits of operations analysis
The importance of efficient management warrants a detailed look at the MIMAMORIKUN system.
MIMAMORIKUN is an advanced operations diagnostic system which Isuzu developed from the unique perspective of a truck manufacturer. By recording the signal from the control computer during vehicle operation, MIMAMORIKUN provides a wealth of data not available from digital tachographs. It is now possible to provide detailed data on individual operations to each customer.

Precise analysis by shipment owner,
driving route and driver
The simple operation of the MIMAMORIKUN controller enables managers to analyze driving information from various perspective. For example, data can be used to advise each driver on energy-saving techniques and safe driving practices. It is also possible to analyze the fuel cost and driving distance by each shipment owner. Environmental information such as the amount of CO2 emissions is also readily available. Managers and owners can trust the detailed analyses provided by MIMAMORIKUN to make their operations more efficient.

MIMAMORI Report Process
MIMAMORIKUN report process

Isuzu Solution series
Taking the viewpoint of customers, Isuzu continues to offer various solutions to improve management efficiency, raise the quality of transportation and advance environmental preservation.

Isuzu total solution

(Main solution options)
a new-generation operations diagnostic system
Digital tachograph for safe driving control
GIGATS system to improve transportation quality
Eco-solution plan to advise on meeting emission regulations
Support program to acquire ISO certification
and improve corporate image
Maintenance program
Safe driving seminars
Proposal on optimal vehicles
Training sessions in energy-saving driving techniques
Introduction of Isuzu's production management
Color design/ Environmental PR decal