Multipurpose Vehicles Tokyo Motor Show 2002

Multi-purpose tough vehicles to meet global needs

In addition to commercial vehicles well-known in Japan, Isuzu develops multipurpose vehicles for overseas use in cooperation with General Motors Corporation. Their performance in demanding conditions meets global needs for reliable and versatile vehicles.

World class pickup trucks
Isuzu pickup trucks are on the road around the world. The new generation model made its debut in Thailand in May 2002. Its novel design and high performance has been well-received, recording outstanding sales since its launch.

TF series Pickup-Truck CREW CAB
TF series Pickup-Truck CREW CAB (Reference, overseas production model)

4WD, MT made in Thailand
Dimensions (mm): Length 4900 x Width 1800 x Height 1735
Engine output: 88kW (120PS)

TF series Pickup-Truck SPACE CAB TF series Pickup-Truck SPACE CAB(Reference, overseas production model)

2WD, MT made in Thailand
Dimensions (mm): Length 5020 x  Width 1720 x Height 1640
Engine output: 58kW (79PS)

*Specifications of the pictured vehicle differ slightly those of the display vehicle.

Focus on versatility and reliability
This vehicle is designed with an emphasis on versatility and toughness. Seating up to 10 passengers, the interior offers a variety of configurations to comfortably accommodate passengers and baggages. The optimal size of this multipurpose vehicle has made it very popular in the Philippines and Indonesia.

TB type Utility-Vehicle
TB type Utility-Vehicle (Reference, overseas production model)

2WD, AT made in the Philippines
Dimensions (mm): Length 4805 x Width 1770 x Height 1890
Engine output: 57.4kW (78PS)