Environmental Efforts Tokyo Motor Show 2002

For the future of mankind and the Earth 
Isuzu is at the forefront of environmental efforts

Environmental preservation is a global theme.
The environmental impact of exhaust emissions is not restricted to urban areas. It is a problem that should be considered in a worldwide context together with global warming, acid rain, and destruction of the ozone layer. Our limited fossil oil reserves and the need for alternative energy sources need also an important consideration. Isuzu puts special emphasis on protecting the planet by providing clean diesel engines around the world.

Clean diesels are Isuzu's top priority.
The development of clean diesel engines is Isuzu's top priority. As a diesel engine pioneer, Isuzu has been developing clean and fuel-efficient diesel engines which emit less CO2, a major cause of global warming. At the same time, diesel HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) and DME (dimethyl ether) vehicle have been developed and are attracting attention as viable alternatives. Isuzu's clean vehicles powered by CNG (compressed natural gas) and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) are already on the market and have earned a good reputation.
Alternative-energy applications
Alternative-energy applications

Key diesel engine technologies
Key diesel engine technologies
Isuzu is aiming at the ultimate clean engines
by integrating essential technologies.
In order to create clean diesel engines, improvement of the engine itself and post-combustion treatment are essential. Isuzu has made major technological advances in achieving optimal combustion through improvement of the fuel injection system, clean-up of emission gases by means of post-combustion treatment and progress in electronic control to provide feedback and pinpoint management. By integrating these three key technologies, Isuzu successfully meets tougher environmental standards and is well on the way to creating the ultimate in clean engines.