Bus Series Tokyo Motor Show 2002

Isuzu bus series offers best performance for the environment, people, and companies

From original ERGA-VP route buses to sightseeing coaches, Isuzu builds optimal performance into every vehicle by making them friendly to on the environment, comfortable and cost-effective. PM catalytic converter (oxidization catalyst) and barrier-free design is just some of the specifications that set Isuzu buses apart as they contribute to environmental preservation and social welfare.

ERGA-VP is Isuzu's original package for non-step buses. "VP" stands for "Valuable Package," and ERGA buses easily meet the accessibility standards set forth by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Attractive options are also available.

Isuzu route buses are all ERGA-VP.
ERGA-VP is the perfect package for route buses. By meeting barrier-free regulations, every passenger can travel in comfort and safety. Moreover, ERGA-VP is future standard bus that offers substantial benefits to bus companies.

GALA HI-DECKER for Highway Bus model
Economic advantages mean improved efficiency.
The 8TD1 engine is renowned for its good fuel economy and high output. The safety and performance of a lightweight permanent magnetic retarder is also standard on the GALA HI-DECKER. Highway bus comfort and lower fuel or maintenance costs are the strong advantages of this vehicle.
   Examples of ERGA-VP specifications
Examples of ERGA-VP specifications

Bus Series
Dimensions (mm): Length 10425 x Width 2490 x Height 2925
Engine output: 177kW (240PS)
Dimensions (mm): Length 11990 x Width 2490 x Height 3275
Engine output: 302kW (410PS)