Booth Layout Tokyo Motor Show 2002

From the viewpoints of environmental performance, economic advantages and global
quality standards, Isuzu presents "Reliable Performance."

Booth Layout

global needs global needs
21. TF series Pickup-Truck SPACE CAB
22. TF series Pickup-Truck CREW CAB
23. TB type Utility-Vehicle
24. 4EE2
25. 8GF1
26. 6DE1
environment Environment
1. ELF KR Dry Van
2. ELF CNG(Compressed Natural Gas)Vehicle
3. ELF Hybrid
4. 4HL1
5. Continuously Regenerating diesel particulate Filter
6. NOx Catalyst
7. Continuously Regenerating diesel particulate
Filter+Urea-Selective Catalytic Reduction System
8. 4HF1-CNG
9. DME Diesel

economy economy
10. GIGAMAX TRACTOR with Full Air-suspension
11. GIGAMAX Low Deck Cargo with Full Air-suspension
12. FORWARDMAX Short-Cab
13. ELF Smoother-E
14. 6HK1-TC
15. 6WG1-TC
16. Smoother-F
17. Smoother-G
19. GALA HI-DECKER for Highway Bus model
20. ERGA NONSTEP Bus type-A