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Isuzu in the country Republic of Peru
N series
F series

Isuzu’s history in Peru goes back to the 1950s when an Isuzu truck was sold for the first time in Peru. In 1964, ‘ISUZU MOTORS DEL PERU S.A.’ was established, jointly capitalized by a trading company and a local dealer, for Isuzu medium- and heavy-duty truck production and sales. However, in the late 1960s, Isuzu withdrew from the market because of political uncertainty. After Isuzu established a tie-up with GM, Isuzu sold trucks with Chevrolet badges through GM’s sales network.
In the past when there were no regulations on second-hand trucks, demand for second-hand trucks was stronger than that for new trucks, and a lot of second-hand trucks made in Japan were imported to Peru. However, as people in Peru became aware of the problems of second-hand trucks causing traffic accidents and environmental pollution, they started regulating the import of second-hand trucks in the beginning of the 2000s, and the number of imported new trucks increased. Under such circumstances, Isuzu took this as a chance to sell new trucks, and decided to re-enter into the Peru market. In October 2009, Isuzu held a large-scale Isuzu brand launching event with the Peruvian Minister of Transport invited, and started the sales of N-series light-duty trucks and F-series medium-duty trucks with Isuzu badges. Currently Isuzu has been making efforts to improve the dealer network and promote sales in Peru. Sales volume plan for 2011 is about 800 units, and the number of planned sales volume of vehicles has been increasing year by year. Isuzu would like to support customers’ businesses by providing them with durable and reliable products.

(As of December 2011)