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Isuzu has a long history in Indonesia. In 1943, Isuzu opened a repair and spare parts supply plant; and in 1955, four TX-fire engines were sold in Indonesia. Later, in 1962, the government-run trading firm, Pantja Niaga, made an exclusive sales agreement with Isuzu, (in 1974, the Pantja Niaga's automobile division spinned off as Pantja Motor). In 1978, for the enhancement of sales, Isuzu concluded a memorandum with Pantja Motor and a trading house. In 1991, Isuzu announced the release of an Asian Utility Vehicle (AUV), "Panther (TBR)", which increased the brand reputation of Isuzu with its high durability and the fuel efficiency. In April 2008, Isuzu increased its shares in Pantja Motor to 44.94%, and the name was changed to Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia. The structure of the company was reorganized so that Isuzu could be able to get more actively involved in the sales of commercial vehicles.
In July 2011, the medium-duty truck went under a full model change to a new type, 700P "GIGA". Monitoring and investigations of vehicles were performed at various locations; to meet the needs of the customers in Indonesia, the specifications were adjusted and the product range has been enriched.
Moreover, in the aspect of after-sale services, Isuzu is in the progress of enhancing its customer support, which includes: increasing the number of outlets, providing periodic service visits to remote locations, and newly constructing parts depots. In order to increase and support the customer's satisfaction for their operation efficiency, Isuzu is also planning to introduce commercial vehicle telematic systems, such as Mimamori-kun online service. In Indonesia, as the development of the infrastructure is under way, it can be predicted that the needs of efficient long distance transportation methods will increase; hence the fuel efficient Isuzu vehicles will have stronger contribution to the Indonesian economy.