ISUZU mu-X Fuel Economy


Legendary fuel economy takes you further.
From one of the world's leading manufacturers of diesel engine technology, the impressive ISUZU 2.5 litre turbo diesel engine that powers the All-New ISUZU mu-X is as frugal as it is athletic. Delivering plenty of power and torque, this stirring powerplant produces equally amazing fuel economy which means less time filling up and more money in your pocket to spend on your next adventure.
The All-New ISUZU mu-X is as efficient as it gets thanks to its Variable Geometry System (VGS) turbocharger alters the direction of exhaust flow to optimise turbine response at low engine rpm to overcome ‘turbo lag'. Overseeing the fuel delivery is the mu-X's common rail high pressure fuel system which uses the latest in fuel injector and high pressure fuel rail technology to effectively minimise the amount of fuel in the combustion process, providing superior fuel economy.
In addition, automatic versions of the mu-X also benefit from the intelligent ‘grade-logic' transmission which keeps the mu-X in the correct gear preventing over-revving and unnecessary fuel burn.

Common rail high-pressure fuel system.

Fuel efficient 5-speed automatic transmission with sequential shift.

Multi Information Display of instant and average fuel consumption.