ISUZU F-Series Ready & Reliable POWERTRAIN

Power and Economy

The three powerplants available for the F-Series incorporate advanced Isuzu diesel technology to offer both plenty of power and fuel-efficient operation. Each engine is carefully engineered to maximize vehicle performance in demanding applications; the result is outstanding output and torque throughout the rpm range. Renowned for their reliability and long service life, these 6-cylinder work-horses feature direct-injection technology and overhead camshaft design. Low emissions are another benefit of Isuzu diesels, and make the F-Series easy on the environment.

129kw (175PS)/2,800rpm

A powerful and fuel-efficient workhorse with a displacement of 8,226cc. Base engine for FRR, FSR and FSS models.
147kW (200PS)/2,850rpm

Offers even more output than the 6HH1-N despite the same displacement. Base engine for FTR, FTS and certain FVR models.
177kW (240PS)/2,500rpm

The most powerful engine offered for the F-Series at a displacement of 9,839cc. Base engine for FVR, FVM and FVZ models.

Smooth-Shifting Transmission Handle Higher Engine Output
*MAL/ZF Model
Two overdrive transmissions handle shifting on larger F-Series models.
*MJB/MLD Models
The 5-speed direct-drive MBJ transmission utilizes tough components for increased reliability.

Flip a switch for 4WD
Four-wheel-drive is only the flip of a switch away on the FSS and FTS.The change-over to 4WD High/Low is just as simple. An indicator lights up to alert the driver when the vehicle is being operated in 4WD.
Sure-footed scrambling
Optional locking front hubs give you the ability to get to the roughest job site. Just twist the outer ring to lock when needed; for highway cruising, leave the hubs in free-wheeling mode for long-life operation.

Specifications shown here are for general export market.