Powerful & Productive IISUZU C&E_Series

The trucks of the future... have arrived.

The road to profitability starts with the redesigned C&E Series - 10 - 15* percent better fuel efficiency, high-torque Euro 3 compliant engines, standard antilock brakes and a new unified look across the model lineup. Built for global markets, the heavy-duty trucks and tractors of the Isuzu C&E Series incorporate the latest technologies to offer fleet owners the advantages of powerful performance and higher productivity. The new C&E Series from Isuzu - this is what you've been waiting for.
*In-house Isuzu data


Durability Comfort Maneuverability
Safety/Maintenance Lineup

Vehicle specifications shown here are for general export market. Please inquire at your local Isuzu dealer for details of products for your market.

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