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May 15, 2003

N Series Lineup in Japan Gets Advanced Transmission

N Series Lineup in Japan Gets Advanced Transmission
The first pedal-free manual transmission in the Isuzu N Series range of trucks debuted in Japan on April 1.
The Smoother-E transmission is available in models equipped with the 170-hp 4HK1-T engine, the most powerful engine in the lineup.
Isuzu's manual transmission controls gear shifting and acceleration with a pedal-free hydraulic clutch. In addition to combining the advantages of manual and automatic transmissions, it also helps to reduce costs over the life of the vehicle.
The Smoother-E frees the driver from having to operate a clutch, resulting in less operational fatigue and improved drivability, both of which contribute to enhanced safety. It also realizes fuel efficiency and acceleration/deceleration levels associated with conventional manual transmissions. In addition, it greatly lowers maintenance costs because there is no clutch panel to replace.
Isuzu's series of Smoother transmissions for the Japanese market also includes the Smoother-G for heavy-duty tractors, which debuted in 2001, and the Smoother-F for medium-duty trucks, introduced in 2002.

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