Press Release

May 14, 2018

New Midterm Business Plan Announcement
(FY2019 - FY2021)

Isuzu Motors Limited (headquartered in Shinagawa Tokyo and headed by Masanori Katayama, President and Representative Director, hereinafter called "Isuzu") announced "New Midterm Business Plan" (FY2019 - FY2021).

·Mid-long term vision

Isuzu set-up "Mid-long term vision" to flexibly adapt huge wave expected in 2020's of Commercial Vehicle market environmental change in the area of electric, autonomous and connected technology.

[Mid-long term vision]

Our heart is always with You
supporting people's life and social production activities
as a CV/LCV and Powertrain excellent company

·7 key challenges for new Midterm business plan

In our new Midterm business plan it is taken for granted to secure revenue from existing business filed expansion. In addition to that Isuzu set two pillar strategy "Current business deepening" and "New engagement for the next generation" following below 7 key challenges with new approach.

  1. 1. Collaborative Business Innovation
  2. 2. Expand Overseas CV business
  3. 3. Strengthen LCV business
  4. 4. Enhance Powertrain business
  5. 5. Accelerate Advance Technology
  6. 6. Implement Digital Innovation
  7. 7. Create new business

·Quantitative target

Our target is to achieve 2,300 billion JPN yen (FY21) consolidated net sales, operating profit 9% (3 years average), ROE 12% (3 years average) and shareholder return 30% (3 years average).

Isuzu will contribute to continuous global and social development through our new business activities and press forward the new midterm business plan to achieve the vision.