Press Release

October 31, 2017

Isuzu's Statement Regarding Possible Impact of Kobe Steel Quality Matter on Isuzu Vehicles

We are sorry for any concern or inconvenience our customers may have experienced due to the recent announcements by Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Since the announcements by Kobe Steel, we have been diligently investigating their impact, if any, on Isuzu vehicles. Isuzu has not purchased affected materials directly from Kobe Steel. However, we have already determined that certain components provided by suppliers for Isuzu vehicles contain the materials produced by Kobe Steel.

We are now in the process of confirming the safety and durability of the components in question in addition to continuing our investigation in other respects.

The safety and satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority, and we appreciate your understanding as we continue to look thoroughly into this matter.