Press Release

June 7, 2012

Isuzu Establishes Company to Produce and Sell Light Commercial Vehicles in India

Isuzu Motors Limited (President: Mr. Susumu Hosoi) will establish a company in Chennai, India in August this year to produce and sell light commercial vehicles (LCVs). This is part of Isuzu's mid-term business plan to develop a new LCV business in India's rapidly growing market.

Sale of LCVs shipped from Thailand in the form of finished vehicles and KD kits will begin before the end of 2012. Isuzu plans to sell some 1500 vehicles in the first year. The Company also plans product developments tailored for local needs, localization of parts and the expansion of its sales channel, and in future, a local manufacturing plant will be established with the target sales volume of 100,000 vehicles per year.

India's automobile market has been growing rapidly in size from 900,000 units in 2002 to 3.3 million units in 2011 thanks to the country's steady economic growth, and a further expansion of the market is expected. It is predicted that the improvement of roadway infrastructure and increase in per capita income will dramatically change the need for automobiles in the future. Isuzu Motors Limited, viewing these developments as an opportunity to continue its business expansion, has decided to begin the LCV business in India.

[Profile of the New Company]
Company Name Isuzu Motors India Private Limited (tentative)
Location Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Representative To be appointed
Business Import, Assembly and Distribution of LCVs
Capital 300 million rupees (approx. 500 million yen)
Date of Establishment August 2012 (planned)
Start of Business December 2012 (planned)
Shareholders/Equity Isuzu 100%